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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Working Sunday

But not terribly much. Finished breaking out the last of the ground today. Plowing that is. Will use the cultivator tomorrow to re-rip the top 2 fields and knock down the plowing furrows then bring the drag bucket home from farm #2 and smooth everything off (well, dad will probably do that part, it's his favorite)

While he is doing that I'll be spraying the fruit trees to prevent fungus and insect infestations. Will also throw a little trace mineral in there to help the trees be really healthy.

Later in the week we will be planting the top field dad will be finishing tomorrow for a later harvest of melons, cantaloupe and our pumpkin/winter squash set. Really only need one planting of pumpkin and winter squash. I've got some extra special pumpkins for this year, should be really fun, my own breed dad named "Witch Kissed" (trademark Savage Creek Farms 2006) and that reminds me of a dream I had last night. I dreamt I was picking some of my pumpkins, only they were like really huge and shaped sort of like papaya and they had really smooth orange skin. Weird.

Hope life is treating you well.


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