Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cool and slow Wednesday

For some reason cool days tend to be slower. That and the upcoming school season have impacted spending at the stand. But this weekend has always been busy, so many late summer barbecues. Plus we have a new field of watermelon just starting to come on for this weekend so it should be good. Personally I really enjoyed a cool slow day.

Happy 69th birthday to my Dad!~) We had beef stragenoff (spelling?) for dinner. And a little later my brother and his wife will be by to help us enjoy the ice cream cake my sister sent home with mom from Dairy Queen. Yum-yum, German chocolate! Being a total waste of a youngest son, I once again was too busy to get dad something for his birthday. It's ok, he was too busy on mine, so we've got an understanding ;-)

I hope your day is full of happy thoughts and affirming decisions.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday before Monday

Worked until 1pm and then took a good chunk of the afternoon off to avoid the heat with a long, deep nap. 101 under the apple trees today. Fortunately we had water in the ditch most of the day, just ran out this evening.

Visited with a long time friend this afternoon. So good to reconnect with classmates and old associates. I think one of the most reassuring things is to visit with someone who has traveled different paths but still shares the same fundamental view of what is happening in our times. Sort of a "so it isn't just me" kind of thing.

Well I would love to sit here and ramble a gambol of thought and motion, perhaps reflect a dream or scheme or meme with my friendly readership but I'm afraid tomorrow morning comes too soon and the tomatoes wait for no man.

Wishing you all deep, soothing breaths of happiness and silent echoes of peaceful contemplations.

A new link to an old friend

Dunnermeister has an entertaining blog for anyone in the Redmond, Wa. area or of a conservative bent. This level headed fella is worthy of sharing a beer and a few rounds of ideas while shooting some clay pigeons. Dig his blog.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some pics

Been promising these for a while. Brief pictorial of pretty much most of our operation. Everything but the old farm on the hill which I will present in another day or two. The first two are farm #2, the third one is the new field at Pete's next door to farm#2 and the last two are the outside and inside of our selling room. Not much to look at from the outside but it's the product that counts. We'll be putting up the tarp to cover the front of the selling room as soon as we can and my brother is supposed to be working on the new fence, hopefully to be done before the last field of melons is in or at least the pumpkins.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tough week so far

Got up sick and dizzy Monday morning. Thought it would pass like my usual morning discomfort but it only got worse so I had to cut work, sticking mom and dad with the running of the stand for one day. I think it was heat exhaustion from the long Sunday of pick work and blazing sun. Guilt, nausea and dizziness waged war for my attention until the aspirin and motion sickness pills kicked in and I dozed fitfully until about one o'clock, waking up feeling much, much better. Returned to work after 2pm, still a bit dizzy but able to work. Glad to send mom home and get her off her feet. Now, no pity called for here! Except maybe for mom and her sore feet. I'm ok and that "poor Guy" routine won't fly with me.

The week has been pretty busy since, despite being a county fair week in Josephine county. Historically one of our slowest weeks. I think the big corn sign, and the super tasty corn have conspired to set a fire to the grapevine, if you'll forgive the mixed metaphor. Lots of word of mouth business. And an unusually cordial lot too. Very few corn peelers or cheapskates. One bitch did stick mom for 70 cents on a corn purchase today. Mom was busy with another customer and the miscreant threw 2 dollars on the counter and said "Here's two dollars for my eight ears of corn" and then dashed out the door. The lady at the front of the line was like "What! what is she doing! Eight ears isn't two dollars!" we sell our corn 3 ears for a dollar or 35 cents on singles. So the cheap bitch stole 70 cents. Disgruntlement. Mom wasn't about to chase the bitch down, not with her bad hip. We'll keep our eyes open for that P.O.S. again. It sucks that for the hundreds of delightful human beings who have come in I can only reflect a story from that one evil turd. Like they say, good news is no news. It is delightful that the other customer immediately joined us in our sense of outrage. 97% of our customers really are wonderful people. (sorry about the profanity)

Wishing you a shimmering summer day of cold popsicles and a mellow summer night of watermelon dreams.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

January is my Sunday

That's the mantra I have to repeat to get through days like today.

There was an accident involving one of our irrigation valve risers so we took the opportunity to dig it out and place it in a new spot. Even with the tractor and post-hole digger to do most of the work it was still a full day of picking and shoveling hard ground. We finally got the last bit of pipe glued up and the trench filled about 4 o'clock. The psychological aspect is always as bad or worse than the physical labor; I hate having to clean-up someone else's mess. There's a biblical quote about the ox being in the mire which I don't exactly recall but which applies to days like today. I would've rather been resting. Tomorrow will suck a bit more because of this. But since January is my Sunday I don't have to feel any theological guilt.

A lovely brown-winged hawk flew above the ridge line south of farm #2 as I turned on the water at Pete's (that is technically farm #3 but since it is right next door we just lump it in with farm #2) earlier a bald eagle had been cruising along the Rogue to the north of us.

As we were digging people kept pulling up looking for corn. One fella rolled down his window and shouted "Out of Corn?" and I shouted back "we're closed on Sundays" he looked doubtful, or at least stupid so I continued "we always have been" he drove off. I was to busy to tell if he was in a huff.

The scariest thing happened yesterday. Right at the end of the day we kept running out of corn. Normally business dies after 4pm on a Saturday. I'd send dad out for a couple dozen and as soon as he got back with them a few more people would show up, causing me to send him out again (usually I pick the corn but I was watching the till this time) one fella from Montana came in and said "You've got a reputation all the way to Montana, my friend there told me you had the best corn in the world" now that liked to scare the hell out of me. I don't need no reputation to have to live up to, I'm just trying to grow the best food I can.

I hope life is giving you rainbow dreams and marshmallow wishes.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Decent Tuesday

Tuesday is usually a slow day but the new big corn sign seems to be pulling in some extra customers plus dad and Randi filled a couple of large orders for beans to make the day turn out quite ok. Lots of our "regular regulars" came in today. People I haven't seen for a whole year. It is amazing how many souls I lose awareness of completely in the intervening months. Many of them are delightful people who definitely brighten up my life. I hope my produce is worthy of their good will.

The first round of cantaloupe have been a bit of a disappointment because we got too much water on them during the beginning of their ripening cycle which reduced the sugar content quite a lot. We're working to remedy that, I'll be cutting off their water completely tomorrow which should drive the last 50% of the field into a sellable state. Fortunately the corn is doing really great to offset that.

Sorry I haven't had time for photos yet, will do my best in the next couple of days to get some visual evidence up here.

Wishing you a day of sparkling refreshment.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Late Saturday

Late for me anyways. Was a pretty good day today. First Saturday of the season and we didn't do terrible. Wasn't a record setter but still in the top 5. Didn't have time to finish the big 4 by 8 plywood CORN sign but should get it done before Monday. Actually I had it finished but I hadn't looked at the back side of it which was quite ugly with glue and remnants from its previous use which requires me to paint it before putting it on public display. Uhg, I'm tired in case you couldn't guess.

Stupid idiot speed freak neighbors were out burning something in their backyard. 9:45 at night in the middle of summer with fire warnings posted all over the county and wildfire bomber planes flying overhead during the day and those damn dumb idiots are out playing weenie roast in a yard that is surrounded by tinder dry fields and forests. I'd call the cops on them but it might get me shot. Little consolation should they cauterize my neighborhood. I suppose I really should start carrying a sidearm so I wouldn't be quite so concerned with the immediate consequences of my choices. Only then I'd be even more concerned...

The corn is coming in great. Sweet, tender and flavorful. Already getting some positive feedback and we aren't even into the "Incredible" variety yet. Our next couple of fields have some really big stalks in them. Will try to get some pics up soon. Tomorrow being Sunday I should have some time.

Wishing you a lovely night and a wonderful day.

Mime on a cell phone

It was first "Friday art night" in the lovely town of Grants Pass last night. The mimes were out in force, not talking on their cell phones. The silence was deafening.

Work on the farm has shifted gears dramatically as we change over to selling mode. Many things have been dropped on the sidelines to be cleaned up later.

Yesterday I saw a bald eagle chasing a hawk up the Rogue River. Odd.

Hope life is treating you well.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

An interesting historical analogy

TCS Daily has "Profiles in Surrogacy" which I found to be an interesting and insightful bit of historical comparison about the current conflict in the world. It really is true about those who are doomed to repeat history. Can we ever learn?