Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Red Alert Klaxon's a'ringin'

Well, the United States government is taking a swipe at having total controlling power of its citizens food supply. Check it out here. Senate Bill 510 currently in line for a vote in the next 50 days or so will hand enormous power over to the government's bureaucracy. It will allow the imposition of extra-judicial punishments (i.e. without recourse to either judge or jury) on citizens. It will create a new class of criminals from one group of innocent people.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

fall recovery

Getting our fall legs back under us after the colds & closing. Also had my laptop die on me so that complicated things for a bit. Finally knuckled under and bought a new HP presario which I got pretty cheap on sale. So far it's quite nice. Still, even cheap it cost me more money than I could really afford. Gonna have to hunt me up some winter software work or design some sellable apps.

Anyways, still a lot of clean-up to do in the fields, harvest a last little bit of winter squash, maybe help Bro butcher a couple of hogs.

It sure has been a lovely fall, lots of good color.

Monday, November 08, 2010

fall slowness

Been fighting an intermittent head/chest cold for several weeks now. Sort of comes and goes with fits of coughing and spurious fevers.

Add to that the rains, short days and post-sales-season let down and you get some major slowness going on around here. Just doing a few "baby step" things each day, catching up on reading, email etc. Making plans to spend some of my time writing some software ("apps") for android. Have all the software, sdks and all that downloaded just need to buy an android phone now for testing. Got my eye on an HTC phone.

Y'all take care and enjoy the fall colors.