Savage Farming

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lunch break!

Got the walk ways and field roads sprayed with round-up at the 2nd farm. That rebuilt spray rig kicks hiney.

After lunch I helped dad put the drag bucket on the truck and he's hauling it back to the 2nd farm to drag the row crop field. It was just too rough and cloddy to put poly-mulch on so he disked it with the one-way and now will drag it smooth. It looked soft and powder now so it should be a nice seed bed when we're finally done laying drip-tape and mulch on it.

I gotta go back out and torch some mounds of grape prunings and blackberry canes. Yep, it's a burn day in Jackson county so you know what that means: fire, Fire, FIRE! FIRE! Yeehaa! call Beavis we got some FIRE!

Woops, let out the pyro-Guy a bit too much there.

Have a safe, fun, wonderful day with liberty and justice for all.


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