Monday, September 24, 2007

2nd day of Fall

I usually try to get on here and write something on the equinox but it has just been a very tiring week. So I made my weekend as restful as possible.

Fall is here and you can definitely tell, all the plants have slowed their production noticeably and this morning it is 36 degrees (Fahrenheit) out there. Also there is that autumn feeling in the air. We're already taking pumpkins and corn shocks down to the stand for the early decorators.

Gotta go cut squash and grapes soon. Hope your day is comfy and stress free.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Busier, less money

Been a rough week. Mentioned the road problems already, seems to be a bigger problem than just traffic. People are spending less, maybe a reaction to the high price of school materials this year.

Even though less spending is going on, we have still been busy. Lots of people coming in and just buying 1 thing. Eats through bags and uses up labor but puts little in the pocket. Especially when they just buy corn, which makes me the least amount of money of anything I sell. About 30 cents a pound, hardly worth picking but I have to have it or I lose about one-third of my visitors.

My blister is healing very nicely, thanks.

Watermelon are probably gonna be a bust this year. The loss of early water cost us so much early vigorous growth that now the cool days are cutting down the sugar content. Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about picking them, uhg! my back is happy.

Listening to a someone or ones called Basia, super great upbeat music. Love "The waters of March" and especially "A new day for you" totally uplifting.

Still no visit from the sunshine smile lady. Sometimes such mysteries are lost in the rush of life. I can not regret what is fundamentally uncertain no matter how my imaginings might meander. A happy life to you my freckled phantasm.

And to you my intrepid reader, a fine and felicitous day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Busy Staccato

I'm not sure if that is exactly the right term. There have been multiple traffic stoppages on our stretch of Hwy 99 for the last couple of days. Three different ones today. With the result that business has been coming in shorter, more intense bursts of people arriving. Less steady business and more rushes with long lulls between traffic breaks. During which one just barely has time to lay out a fresh supply of corn and tomatoes and restock the bags.

Dad found this super cool huge puffball mushroom over in field#4 (planting #11 of 12) I got a picture of it, but don't have my camera here right now. Will try to get the pic up tomorrow. I'm certain this type of puffball is edible when harvested young enough but all these are too close to spore to be very tasty. Probably getting a tarry taste. Still looks really cool.

My blister is still bugging me, getting a bit sore as the body attempts to mend and fight infection. And I'm still disappointed that Sunshine hasn't been back by during my shift. If she's around she's probably stopping by in the morning while I'm picking. Ships in the night, indeed! Hopefully she is well.

Wishing you all wellness and strength.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blister beetle bedamned (icky! pic warning)

Got a blister beetle trapped beneath my sandal-strap a couple days ago. Hadn't heard of those dang things since I was a kid but apparently some are living in my tomato patch (they feed on solanacea ) so no more sockless sandals for me! The blister is a little bigger than a 50 cent piece:

Sure makes walking all the miles I cover in a day a mighty joy.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Too much to report Sunday

So many things happened this week which I wanted to share with you but it all piled up into my brain until it squished down under the combined mental weight into a mushy mound of vague recollections and obscure concepts. A sort of cognitive compost.

I was going to rant a bit about people peeling the corn, mention the fella who brought back his corn because there was a tiny bit of worm damage (we gave him his money back and encouraged him to shop elsewhere...) complain that Sunshine hadn't been back for a visit. Regale the world with tiny tales of daily agricultural trivia.

But it is Sunday and we all need the rest.

Will sip my tea for a while yet, have a little breakfast and then Away! to pick cucumbers and squash.

Wishing you all a crystal clear and relaxing day.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Wow! so Busy

The word-of-mouth propagation curve has hit that exponential explosion. Plus having a steady supply of peaches has drummed up a lot of new business. Have noticed a diminishment of some of my old clientèle, possibly due to traffic congestion and crowding during choice times of day.

Gonna try and find some watermelons to take in tomorrow. Tomatoes are coming in gang busters, grapes are sticky sweet at their peak and the corn harvest is an avalanche of sweetness and flavor. If I have time I'll move my ladder and pick pears and apples but that will probably have to wait until Sunday.

Hope you all have a delicious and delightful day.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor Weekend

Not Labor DAY weekend, just Labor weekend.

Whew! has it been busy. Traffic is up loads. Lots and lots of new customers. Which of course means many new people who refuse to read the "Please Do NOT Peel the Corn" sign. Dang! that is so irritating, so I'm making a new, bigger sign that just says "DO NOT PEEL THE CORN!" Mom wouldn't let me add "Or Guy might poke you in the eye"

And to top it all off, Sunshine didn't come in this week. Sunshine is what I call this delightful strawberry blond (since I haven't gotten her name yet...) who has been stopping by for a couple years now. She has a smile just like sunshine breaking through the clouds and a personality to match. Even though it was quite hot this week, no Sunshine made it a bit darker.

Dad is over helping his friend Terry with some landscaping and I'm going out shortly to pick cucumbers and grapes for tomorrow. Yes, we'll be open on Labor Day. It is a very busy day for us. Fortunately school starts the following day so that will be a particularly slow Tuesday with which to recover.

Hope you all have a wholesome and invigorating day.