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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mid-week transitions

Mom's heading for Kansas today. Will be gone for about 2 weeks.

We were supposed to plant corn today but the ground is too wet and cold so we'll put it off a day at a time until conditions are right. Things might mellow out today and tomorrow so I think we'll be back on track shortly. The trade off is getting the rest of the peppers, eggplants, melons, summer squash and cukes planted in a timely manner.

Several strange dreams last night parts of which I feel were "exterior forces" and others which reflect some sort of angst. I dreamt that some teenagers found out our neighbors were not home while they try to sell their house and that they built a huge bonfire in their back field. One of the kids threw a burning branch into the back of my blue chevy pickup which was loaded with boxes and it burned everything but the back wheels and the cab (an obvious impossibility). The dream went through a hazy transition and some weeks had passed or something, my pickup was gone but my niece, dad and I were in the yard besides the orchard and some crazy hicks in a truck came driving down the irrigation ditch (also impossible) and tried to drive around the back of the south barn which they crashed into instead. Huge chunks of truck parts went flying through the air as I scrambled to call 911 on my cellphone. One piece was a huge gear sprocket about 4 feet tall that would've weighed in over a thousand pounds. It rolled towards my niece; I had a sense of dread but when it reached her she grabbed it and just pushed it away. She's a good athlete but that was like the third impossibility.

Once more the dream realm serves up strange irrelevancies.

This morning I will be chopping the fresh blackberry growth that has returned in the vineyard. Unfortunately we weren't able to finish using round-up on every row before the grapes came out of dormancy. So I'll be string-trimming the rest several more times this season to keep those dastardly thorn monsters from taking over.

Wishing you a profitable, educational day with three full moments of natural glory to distract and humble you.


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