Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Steve and Trish and Boss

Well I got at least the one pic uploaded. We found some wonderful agates, Steve found a very nice piece of fossilized wood and I found a super nice rock with bivalve shell fossils in it on the beach that day. Salishan is a lovely place. Boss is the little white one.

Planting, planting, planting

Many thousands of seeds in the ground. Been listening to Deepak Chopra's "Healing sounds" pretty much just the Rig Veda on CD. Still, very much better than trying to read the lousy English translations I've found so far. Fascinating how much the philosophy parallels much of what is recounted in Castaneda's work. Although the toltec seemed to be much more practice oriented.
Dreams have been vivid lately, likely due to the lack of intoxicants messing up my perceptions. Although lots of fun, much of the dream realm has been morbid and grotesque in the last few days. Strange alien snail/slug things drilling into the lower part of my consciousness. Unpleasant. Also got zapped by a ribosome diagram last night. Weird that one. As usual, any advances in awareness brings the unwelcome attention of things from beyond. As if I were a bright and sparkly gem tumbling in the surf of time.
Most likely the morbidity is partly due to the reflection of the current state of affairs in the national and international scene vis-a-vis the nightly news. Also falling asleep after watching the sci-fi channel (and it's freaky commercials) doesn't help any. Ah, but were would we be without struggle?
The lettuce is sprouting great, another 566 of those planted today. Need to get onto rooting tea-rose cuttings and mums. Also have started peppers, melons and other large fruit plantings.
I know I promised picture of the coast, will try to get to those soon.
Hope life is filling you with light and freedom.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Long time no blog

Wow! So much has happened since last week. Spent the weekend at Steve's (starting Thursday evening actually!) we had a blast, I even got a little tipsy on wine. Steve's wife Tricia made a delightful fish stew with crabs and clams that Steve and I gathered Friday.
I actually managed to forget all my worries Saturday. On Sunday Pat (Tricia's son) and I watched the last 2 Harry Potter movies, they were pretty good. I will upload pics of the coast when I bring my camera cable in tomorrow.
Monday I got home late and came down with the flu (ICK!) feeling much better now though. Spent most of yesterday just getting two 288 flats planted with lettuce and taking long, healing naps.
Hooray! It's spring. I have to celebrate now since I was absorbed during the equinox, a very magical time for us farmers.
Here's a wish that life fills you with radiant joy and exuberant freedom!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mighty Transplanting of Justice!

Or something like that. I used to love that animated show "The Tic!"
Today has been more 288 trays (endive, head lettuce, raddichio etc.) and also transplanting some wonderful bromeliads I got from the budmeister Butch Cox. He's gone but his plants live on. And they've completely overgrown the pots they were in so I'm tearing them apart and replanting into 5 inch round pots. Really some nice bromeliads, I should end up with about 50 or so. Just gotta love that big greenhouse on these rainy days. It's so warm and comforting in there. Safe in a world of terror and tribulation.
Hope your day is fiercely free and wonderfully amazing.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sprout moving day

Moving masses of plants from the little greenhouse to the big greenhouse today. Also setting up heating wires for bottom heat. Also, also, planting some more 288 trays of lettuce and cole crops.
Circumstances are looking good for me to take a couple days off this weekend and go see Steve and his family. (Sorry Mike, know I told you I couldnt make it up there for the gig but this just sort of happened to fall together, blame it on St Patty....)
Hope everyone reading this enjoys that feeling of free will. Let it light up your mind!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Snow on the mountain

Not much else to say here. Very busy in the greenhouse. Had a weird shock yesterday when blind Gregory sent me a nasty email. Don't know what crawled up his a**, but I don't have time to care. Probably a misunderstanding brought on by the "cognitive impairment" caused by his MS. Oh well, his wife is a nice lady but all things considered I'm better off not having to put up with him.
Here's the mountain:

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A brief lull

Got a few moments. They sky is blue with bright, puffy white clouds blowing around. Been moving plants into the big greenhouse (mums mostly) and doing a little planting today.
Having one of those "inertia" moments where the difference between my state of mind and the physical present have diverged too much. And not even the illusion of memory can compensate for it. I know if I wait a while something will come up to distract me or either my state of mind or the state of physical being around me will once more synch up. But until then this is a morose and combersome sensation. It all started last night when I spent some time reading up on "cold fusion" a subject I had thought was dead but turns out to have a little life left in it after all.
So that has absorbed a bunch of my cognitive power and meanwhile the workload on ther farm has been continuing to increase thus the divergence.
Freedom and joy to you.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Busy is as busy does

You can tell from lack of recent posts just how things have been going. With the big greenhouse up and the little greenhouse quickly filling with sprouts not even the recent rains have given me time to sit down and write.
There is some gorgeous snows on the surrounding mountains. If time allows I'll post a pic later.
Dad is out planting mixed greens and veggies in a corner of the big greenhouse. Some for sale and some for us to eat. Nothing beats fresh veggies.
May the spirit guide you to freedom today and the sky smile upon your efforts.