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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mixed feelings about the President

Nathan Smith's article "Living the Creed" at TCS Daily had some interesting things to say that I had to force myself to pay attention to. Overcoming the momentum of my personal feelings about the issue of border security and illegal immigration wasn't easy but one or two of the points he made were so valid that they can't just be ignored, even if he says nothing about the overarching issues of cultural change, social expense and possibilities of terrorism which go along with these issues.

I've really got mixed feelings about this article. There is such an overwhelming roar of left-wing rhetoric against the President these days that a well reasoned voice of explanation almost invokes a sense of cognitive dissonance, a moment of confusion. Especially when that voice invokes what used to be some of the highest ideals of liberals and democrats everywhere. It's really freaky.

All humans are created equal, one of those facts our enemy in the middle east would like us to forget.


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