Monday, March 30, 2015

Greenhouse busy

Tomato plants are nearing 6 inches tall. Ogen melon working on their 2nd true leaf while Crenshaw, Athena, Hannah's Choice and Hale's Best cantaloupe are all starting to emerge. Peppers are also up working on their 1st true leaf. Many more trays of plants to come some different some the same.

Supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow so won't be doing any tractor work yet. The Massey-Ferguson is still in the shop but I'm really gonna try to run the cub this week. Can't wait to try the plow, disc and terracer tools that came with it.

We're getting 3-4 calls a week interested in the farm but so far no one terribly sincere. Seems like most people don't understand we are selling a farm not a house. Sure there is a house but it is incidental to the farm. That's why we're figuring on running another year or even two if we must. You don't sell an operation like this to just anybody :)

Plum flower have already started setting fruit, pears and cherries are in full blossom and the 1st apple flowers opened up today. Even got a few peaches and nectarines set on. Various bees, wasps and diptera flies have been crazy busy getting that pollen moved.

Hope spring is filling your senses with delight.