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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Why won't congress do as we ask?

I was speaking with Anna down at the library and we got onto the subject of illegal immigration. I mentioned the article at TCS daily "Immigration's 15 minutes. Why Now?" and her response was classic "because illegal is illegal and it isn't right now, we've been mad for a long time" She went on to make a statement which I have heard, read and felt again and again. When I mentioned I had written my senators and congressman she said she had too and then in exactly the frustrated tone I have felt she asked "We've told them, well 85% of us or more have told them, again and again what we would like done. Close the borders, send the illegals home either by cutting off their jobs or rounding them up and bussing them out. Why won't they listen to us?!"

Why indeed? What political power game are they playing behind the scenes which forces them to ignore the wishes of such an enormous majority? Even the heavily slanted polls of the worst liberal mainstream media outlets show that an overwhelming majority demand a closing of the border and an end to unrestricted illegal immigration.

And what does the media offer us? More instructions on what we are supposed to be thinking about instead. I'm getting so tired of hearing this stridently obvious dichotomy between what all the news channels keep saying we are thinking, feeling and doing and the actual thinking, feeling and doing that is going on out here in the real world. None of us give a (r^p about Katie Couric or the Duke Lacrosse team. Neither do all of us think we're losing the war in Iraq. These are blatant lies and distractions being created by the media and some congresspeople and being fed out to the population on the assumption that this is still the 70s and they can still control popular opinion in this manner. It barely worked in the 70s and today the diversity of information sources prevents any sort of the cohesion needed to make such an approach affective.

Some of the things which I am interested in: What are in those papers the FBI took from Rep. William Jefferson that has Congress so freaked out? And if the Abramoff scandal was sooo important to all those liberal bloggers and media types out there then why isn't the Brett Pfeifer and Jackson case equally important? Why if the Duke Lacrosse team story is so big has the story of Teharri Aziz been all but forgotten? (he ran an SUV into a crowd of students if you don't recall) Why is it that we get reminded every day that we have lost 2400+ soldiers in Iraq over a three year period but no one reminds us we lost 3000+ innocent civilians in 20 minutes on the morning of September 11th? That should be at the top of every newspaper at least once a week.


  • Yes, yes, yes! I also wrote Senator Frist and received the typical political b.s. that they think will appease us. I've already decided that I'm voting against all incumbents who haven't been satisfactory. We the People need to be reminded that We are indeed supposed to be the 'bosses.' If they aren't doing a good job they need to be fired. Congress was never meant to be a career, but now that's all it is and seems to only be concerned with preserving itself. And the media are only interested in the Almighty Dollar. They have become more focused on entertainment than information. Sorry, ranting a bit here, but I agree with you completely!

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 9:36 AM  

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