Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Savage Creek Farm for sale

7.68 acres
1780 square foot residence.
Deep well with new pump.
Remodeled barn & other out buildings.
40+ fruit trees ranging in age from 80+ years to new.
30+ cottonwood trees ready to be cut for mushroom logs.
100s of grape vines of many varieties.
Sales building & big parking lot.
Rich, healthy soil loaded with life.
Plentiful irrigation.

Spectacular view of Mt. Fielder and surrounding area.

For 44 years this little family farm has been a successful business in the Rogue Valley. The last 27 years our family has been lucky to live here. We have raised and sold tremendous quantities of some of the finest tomatoes, corn, peppers, cantaloupe, melons, yams, grapes, apples, pears, plums, cherries and more products too numerous to list.

Sadly we lost dad three years ago and the work load along with navigating the stairs of a 2 story house have just become too much for me and mom. So she has decided to sell and we are hoping to find someone who will not only love the place as we have but also take advantage of the business we will be leaving behind. Many local clients are accustomed to stopping here throughout the spring and summer months.

In the picture the house & barn are located near the bottom & the sales room & parking area are near the top left. North is to the top which is also the bottom of the hill a stones throw away from the lovely & very fishable Rogue River.

For more info contact guy@savagecreekfarm.com or call 541-582-2059 between 9am & 6pm Pacific time.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Big news at Savage Creek Farm! After 27 years of fun and frolic we are moving on to other pursuits. Our little family farm has never failed us but this 2 story house and its stairs are getting to be too much for us old folks. We're really hoping we will be able to find someone who wants to continue farming here and running our great little fruit stand.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter suspension

Still fighting some virus or other but starting to feel a little better. Moved some furniture around today and realized quickly how out of shape being sick has made me.  Been popping fevers whenever I do even a little bit of activity too.

Had part of a poem come to me in the dark last night:

Barefoot on the cliff of history
toes curled over the edge of the abyss
balanced above the void
the future vast expanse
beyond all visions and thought

Monday, January 05, 2015

Winter head cold.

A runny nose is soooo infuriating. It makes it hard to work, concentrate or be comfortably productive. It's disappointing that 100 years of intense medical advances, scientific breakthroughs and other modern marvels have never yielded anything like a remedy for this tedious suffering. The closest thing I've ever found is a pint of my mom's spicy salsa juice. It works great at reducing discomfort but only for about 40 minutes and I just can't drink it all day long, it's too spicy!

I spent the day moving wood chips and cleaning up around the place between bouts of self-pity and nose-blowing. Ma went to the Needlers in Rogue River for some social crafting.

Gotta go put in the pizza now, y'all take care and stay warm.