Sunday, October 25, 2009

pleasant Sunday

did a few minor chores today, shoulda picked apples. Only 6 days left in our sales season! then tear down & field prep for a couple weeks but no more set schedule. Will be nice to have a little time to enjoy the season. Good luck with your week.

foggy relaxed Sunday morning.

Tiny bit of sun is burning through up on Mt. Fielder's rugged slope. Mom's running errands in town, dad's canning beef, Todd just dropped by to borrow some acetominophen for Robin & I'm being a major slacker general. Still in my pajamas, sipping tea, listening to smooth jazz. Have a super Sunday.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cool Sunday

Having a cool Sunday morning. Dad's snoozin' in his chair under a blanket after doing the dishes & sweeping up. Mom is running grocery errands in GP. I'm gonna go pick some 'maters in a bit.

Sorry I've been off the blog so long, just real busy with pumpkins etc.

Hope you've all soaked up lots of relaxation, sports, entertainment, family fun, etc. this weekend.