Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Strange spring days

What a strange spring we are having! Rain, rain, rain. I'm behind in the nursery work this year. I'd say again but last year I was way ahead of this year's schedule. I'm also staring down the business end of a carburetor rebuild for dad's little Farmall Cub which I have sort of developed a mental block against. And my bro is still trying to find time to get over here to finish bleeding the fuel lines on the Massey Ferguson. Which means all these things cancel out since the ground is too wet to plow much less plant anything in. Weeks of rains still in the forecast too.

I've been reading a lot of other farmer's accounts of this spring so I'm not feeling too bad about where I'm at. Many of us struggling with wet and cold conditions. And I have got a fair number of maters and melons in the nursery, just running a bit late which might not be bad at all if they can't go in until June.

Fielder mountain is gorgeous this morning with vivid green growth and a parade of puffy clouds strolling along with a few storm giants in front of it.

The bluejays, doves, grosbeak, finches and sparrows have been busy at the feeder this morning. I'll have to dump them the last of this bag of seed and pick up another soon. I've got to say if you have fruit trees especially apple or pear which are bothered by coddling moth it really pays to keep feeders in your yard. The birds love coddling moths for a snack. The pear tree in our yard never has any coddling moth holes in the fruit.

Wishing you each and all a splendid spring day.