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Saturday, May 20, 2006

More good melon transplanting weather

Thank you oh forces of earth and sky. This weather is making for some great works.

Finished the 4th row of tomatoes and planted 1.5 rows of the ol' Standard cantaloupe. This is a cantaloupe my brother got from an agricultural extension worker from the Hanby farm 4 years ago. We kept the seed from that first melon and have been hand selecting the best melon from each crop since to maintain top of the line quality. So glad to finally have some melons in the ground.

Tomorrow I will finish connecting the last 11 rows of drip tape and hopefully plant some watermelon and summer squash. Peppers and eggplants should be going in Monday.

I've been so tired this week that no dreams have survived the morning haze. But I have been noticing a strange clustering of dream memories all week. Single scenes, panoramas or locale snapshots which I can suddenly remember having dreamt about repeatedly. A short list: a white mobile home planted near a hilltop amongst sparse tall trees and heavy underbrush lush with flowering plants like sweetpeas, the road outside a Coca-Cola bottling plant, a county fair or carnival with many long rows of booths, a particularly curvey stretch of road on Abegg Rd., my high school's parking lot at night, a huge barn with concrete floor which my grandpa used to own. There are too many others which now fade under the scrutiny of my thoughts and your attention for me to list them. I'll try to jot them down if they continue surfacing.

I was listening to a great song earlier but I didn't catch the performers name. The song title was "My Sapphire Love" and it was a wonderful jazz tune with a female singer.

I hope your day is smooth and sweet.


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