Saturday, May 30, 2009

So busy

I'm completely overwhelmed. More work than I could possibly hope to do and no help in sight. It has also been unseasonably warm for the last week. Makes it really hard to keep water on everything although I am really happy with GPID, they've delivered water very well for over 2 weeks now. Only 1 day where the upstream neighbors used it down and that wasn't our water day anyways. This next week is supposed to cool off but fear of thunderstorms damps my enthusiasm.

Gotta go back out under Ra's blazing eye and struggle with just a few more things before taking an afternoon siesta.

Wishing you a fine and felicitous day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hame again, home again

Mom & dad are home. Dad is feeling much better, temp at 99.3, keeping down food.

We're 99% sure it was the higher xeloda dosage not an infection. He's off that now & we're gonna tell the oncologist he's going back to the lower dose or none at all.

Just glad everything is trending better but feel bad for them and Rodger & Shelly. At least they had fun on the drive.

Y'all have fun too.

hard night

Had a bad night.

Mom called around 11pm from Boise to get the oncologist's number. Dad got pretty sick a couple times on the way there and was running 101 fever. This morning the fever is down to 100.2 but they're still coming back home.

What a bummer, no Yellowstone for them and it'll be tough to get all the schedules, timing etc. lined up to make another trip any time soon.

Shelly says "everything happens for a reason"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lonely day on the farm

Got the sprayer repaired this morning, put on the 2 tires dad & Todd welded up and tightened a lose worm-gear fitting. Then sprayed the latest corn field. Got home around 11, had lunch and mowed the orchard.

The place is mighty empty without mom & dad around. Sparky has been pensive all day. Right now it's a bit too hot for him & me to be out working. Set a couple sprinklers about an hour ago will have to move them in another hour. Then when it cools a bit more I'll drive stakes, stretch wire and push in at least a couple more rows of watermelons, cantaloupes, winter squash and pumpkins. However many time allows; will get the rest in the next couple days.

Been reading "Care of the Soul" by Thomas Moore. A very fine book, has helped me regain an equilibrium which I have been struggling without. Hope it persists.

Really missing my complementary opposite. That's a delightfully analytical term for someone who could share such wonder with me. I'm sure she's out there somewhere, my struggles a reflection of her's. I wish we could be together to share family, friends and challenges but for some reason fate has other designs. I really wish she could meet my dad before that damned disease takes him away. But that isn't for us mortals to determine and I am grateful despite it all for every day under the open sky.

Wishing you challenges touched by wonder and gratitude.

Cool morning

Just sent mom, dad, Rodger & Shelly off on a 4 day trip to Yellowstone. Blessings upon their journey.

It's a bit early and cold but I'm gonna pack out to the field and start my work. Thousands of hungry people waiting in the future for the yield of my pain and efforts.

Hoping the day blesses you with comfort and smooth travel.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great family Sunday

Had breakfast with the whole family at North's buffet. Then bought 160 more tomato plants at Greenleaf. Got home and gave Kyle a bunch of my old computers and robot parts; met his friend Shawn and shot the breeze with them for a while. Worked with Todd & Robin cleaning up the barn. This evening we roasted hot dogs in the orchard. A full, lovely day. Hope you were similarly blessed.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary mom & dad

Today, Saturday May 23rd is mom and dad's 52nd anniversary. They're heading in to town to run errands while Kyle and I will be planting melons this morning.

Hope y'all have a mighty fine day.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Good day's work

Sixteen 300 foot rows of corn in today. About 120 melon plants transplanted: Crenshaw, Collective Farm Woman & Juan Canary. Hope to get the Jumbo Hale's Best Muskmelon & other melons planted tomorrow.

Strawberries & Logan berries are flowering. Dill is sprouting & the green beans are starting to swell.

The frogs are a horse chorus in the pond and I am quite sleepy. Hope you sleep well and dream better.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Water in the ditch

Water in the ditch, water in the ditch. Praise the Lord there's water in the ditch!

We're way busy today, had to run into Medford to buy some stuff for planting corn. Now gonna go till the seed bed and then seed corn if we have time.

Hope you're having a great day.

Friday morning status

8 hours of decent sleep. No distressing dreams & not too much discomfort in my right hand (an injury or a bit of arthritis has sored it up pretty bad.)

Dad & I will be pulling more plastic mulch rows today. Weather looking good.

Dad's doing good despite his chemo. He got lots of sleep yesterday and last night so that helps.

Wishing you a mellow, easy day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy noon before the rain starts

A few showers just starting to sprinkle down.

Just back from feeding the nursery greenhouse with peter's plant food. All the little plants are so happy, now I'm happy too. Passing some plant happiness on to you.

troubled waters of the mind

Facing another melancholy morning. Mom & dad are going in for his blood panel/doctor's visit so that makes it a lonely, worried time at home. I'll put on some smooth jazz and wash dishes and it'll be alright. Sparky & Sam are keeping me company. Sure wish I could call my lady this morning. Sending her, and the rest of you, a lovely day of life's little wonders.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring progress

Ran errands with mom this morning then spent the afternoon working on the sprayer with dad. We got the corn field spraying done by about 6:00. Was a lovely day in the field. Getting pretty tired now.

Hope you are all finding happiness and satisfaction amongst life's challenges.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

05,09,2009 family weenie roast

I have other pics but they need more processing before I can put them up. Too tired today. Click to enlarge. We had loads of fun yesterday afternoon and today too.

Happy Mother's Day

And a lovely spring Sunday to you too.

We had a great time yesterday with the aunts and uncles who are out visiting. My brother's and sister's families all showed up except for Cassie who had other plans. We roasted weenies and made smores and spent a lot of time talking, telling stories and laughing. The little girls and babies were especially a joy.

Today Todd, Robin and Cass stopped by for lunch and we had more fun. They just left a while ago to go to a barbecue at Robin's parents. We're some barbecuin' fools around here.

Wishing you all a happy Mother's day and lots of fun and ice cream besides.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Spring weekend with family

Loading the 35 gallon tank to go water tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Aunts & uncles should be along shortly. We had such a nice visit last night. We're gonna do a weenie roast this evening with some dry apple wood if everything works out.

Wishing you all a super fine Saturday.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Spring melancholy

Had a good run into town with mom getting supplies for the weekend visit. Met Shelly's assistant manager Stephanie, what a sweety. Her husband is a lucky man; gotta wonder if she has a sister about my age.

I've been in a melancholy mood all morning. Lots of weird, heavy dreams last night always leaves me feeling a bit spent and concerned.

Dad's feeling pretty good, if he and I have the ambition we will be planting corn later today. Lots of chores to do here first. Mom is having a bit of a tough time with her arm in a cast. It just really tires here out to do stuff like today's run into town. So awkward and it makes it hard for her to sleep too.

But all things considered it is a lovely day and we really don't have a good reason to feel sorry for our selves. Life in this land of the free can be sweet indeed.

Wishing you a day of sweet freedom and productive liberty.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Peaceful Sunday after the rain

Had a great day yesterday working with the apprentice. Got wires tied and tomatoes planted in the greenhouse. Will have to discuss a small matter with Kyle about his work but am moderately satisfied with his progress. The tomatoes are looking pretty good, it got a little hot this morning before we put the sides up but they should be fine now.

This morning's breakfast was excellent: pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Todd & Robin stopped by about an hour ago and we had a great visit.

Hope y'all are having a fine and peaceful day of rest too.