Savage Farming

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

18 tons of coal

Or in this case 18 rows of turqoise green polyethylene mulch 300 feet long. That's what we finished doing today, thank goodness. It was a blazing furnace under the noon day sun. My skin seemed to sizzle with the heat even under the SPF50 I had on. The dust and grit of the pumice soil worked its way into my eyes, nose and throat. An osprey that lives on the ridge above Charlie's place flapped past seeming to also find the heat a bit oppresive. He was heading for the river, which is where I also would have gone if I'd had the time. Sorry I forgot my digital camera or I would've had pics of the process and maybe one of the osprey too.

It's about 96 degrees out there right now at 4:28 and I'm glad I no longer need to be out there, although I will soon have to go out and check on my plants to see if they need water. Uhg. I am so much looking forward to a week of 70s, I really hope it manifests especially so I can transplant all these little melons safely.


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