Savage Farming

Monday, February 27, 2017

Waking up to snow

A lot of us in Oregon waking up to snow on the ground this morning. A couple flurries have blown through here but most of the inch or so we had has melted off already.

Mom's 2 new solar dancers (a dinosaur and a "whale") are rockin' and jiggin' on the back of the couch by the front window. I just came in from putting the heater in her car so it'll be toasty when she goes to the Needlers meeting later on.

A bunch of little chores on my list today. We picked up perlite and vermiculite at Grange Coop yesterday so no more excuses, I'll be mixing soil today. Gotta wash trays & pots too.

I-5 has been rumblin' crazy busy since about 5 this morning. I can see a bunch of silvery flashes from cars and trucks racing by. The rest of Fielder above I-5 is completely vanished in a wall of heavy fog.

In the midst of life's pains, fears and worries there is still time for comfort, small joys and humble pleasures; don't ignore them!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A glorious late winter morning.

Settling in for a lazy Sunday morning nap. Oatmeal & toast for breakfast w/ Ayurvedic Roast coffee substitute & hazelnut creamer, so yummy!

Was watching "Values of the Founding Fathers" on CSPAN but it got kinda boring after the opening speech. Mom watched "Knit & Crochet now" off the DVR then snoozed off. Easy Listening on the Music Choice now.

Dreamt about Sparky last night. We curled up on the sofa and watched "Peanuts" cartoons with Snoopy. 1st time I ever cried in a dream but Sparky licked my face and made me laugh.

I've been called out to estimate a big orchard job near Provolt this week, fingers crossed. Not sure how big, just told it was "many" trees, grapes and berries.

The yard is frozen and the birds are busy at the feeders. Mt. Fielder has draped a shawl of fog across its shoulders.

"Midnight at the Oasis" just popped up on my Spotify list. Boy, that brings back a long corridor of memories. "You don't need to answer, there's no need to speak".

Y'all have a super awesome late winter day :)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Almost done planting

Just have 1 last row of late summer squash to plant tomorrow and we'll finally be "laid by". A nearly mythical state wherein the amount of work to be done suddenly drops off. Last year I planted well into August but that was just because we started so late.

Just about everything is in flower, tassel has begun to emerge in the corn and the early watermelon are already bigger than a softball.

Lots and lots of weed control to do but between the craftsman rototiller and the ol' Cub cultivating tractor I'm staying a pace ahead. Was tilling besides the cucumbers when I had the delightful realization that I would not be fighting tall weeds to pick my cukes this year. Last year I had to spend so much time fixing automobiles and equipment it was a real mess. Still some bad nutsedge which will cut into production but at least I won't be shaking Johnson grass seed out of my hair.

Gotta head out soon, sure hope it's cooled down a bit. So very glad the ditch has remained full after GPID did some repairs earlier in the week (during our water days unfortunately) I'm just about caught up again.

If everything keeps clicking along at this pace we should be ready to open for sales to the public in about 2 weeks. Our 29th year!

A wonderful summer evening to you each and all.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and watermelon

Thousands of linear feet of summer fruits and veggies planted, gotta prep some fresh corn ground tomorrow. Low water on Sunday not even a surprise. Mulch and driptape mounds are soakin' wet and plants are lovin' it. Gotta do a few more things in the flower bed but we've got sprout there too.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Busy Spring 2016

Been poundin' busy for just over a week now. So far have finished soil prep and planted Bodacious sweet corn, Incredible sweet corn, Jubillee watermelon, Black Diamond watermelon, Charleston Grey watermelon, Moon-n-Stars watermelon, 4 kinds of cantaloupe, Ogen melon, Crenshaw melon, Juan De Canary melon, honeydew, Collective Farm Woman melon, Table Queen winter squash, Butternut, Delicata, Buttercup winter squash, Witch-Kissed pumpkins, Howden pumpkins, Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins and about a dozen more oddball things like radish, turnips, parsley, okra etc. which I had leftover from last year and just piled together and intercropped with the pumpkins.

Next week I will be planting 3 kinds of cucumbers and summer squash and beginning soil prep for the later fields of corn.

Rock on with your bad self! :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Hey EverybodY! Sorry it's been so long. This season's farming has been fiercely tough so I've had to direct all my energy into work. Harvest is well under way with only the tomatoes still holding off in turning ripe. A giant pile of cantaloupe, Ogen melons and Juan De Canary melons have been giving me sore muscles instead.

Here's a great article any of my farming friends might find interesting: "They tell me not to get angry. But if I am honest, sometimes I do. "

Saturday, April 18, 2015

On the precipice of planting

Fingers crossed I will be breaking ground tomorrow or Monday. Got the Cub International clucking along like a happy hen so I can jump the gun before the Massey-Ferguson is out of the shop and run the disk across what I hope will be the 1st field of corn.