Savage Farming

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Busy Winter

A busy winter is a nice change of pace. Starting on a new pretty good size 40+ tree pruning job around this weekend.

I've also picked up an interesting side job consulting with a local company which is starting up a plant tissue micropropagation facility. I did this for a few years back between about 2004 to 2006 there are even a few post on this blog about it. I think these fellas will have more luck than I did since they already have some market plans. Like my dad often said "Anyone can grow the stuff, selling it is the trick." Actually very excited to help them with this project.

Have begun clean-up of the greenhouse for this year's nursery prep. Seed order, new sprouting pots to order and soil to mix all coming up soon.

Hope this winter is keeping your life full with joyful moments.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Busy autumn

Before the frost rolled in and destroyed many of our crops I managed to cover about 100 feet of two rows of tomatoes with hoops and plastic. So we will be open several weeks into November selling those little gems.

The fall colors have really turned out dynamite this year. Could be the long, hot smoky summer and the early hard frosts but whatever it is it's delightful.

We've switched to an 11am opening which should be giving me an easy start to each day but I'm still finding so much to do that I can hardly get to the stand on time.

Kale! I've never raised it before but I'm taking a liking to it. What a lovely aroma! and one of the varieties I raised has a gorgeous purple color.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

What insomnia is good for

Spent a little more time getting this animation code dialed in:
Gotta head out now and move some sprinklers.

Monday, August 07, 2017

almost working right

Just about got it right, (tomatoes)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Running so late

Seldom have we been planting the main season crops so close to the solstice but at least I'm getting them in a little before that. 100 tomato plants in this morning, 36 mixed squash and a couple dozen watermelon plants too. I also pushed in about 500 feet of our customer's favorite the Incredible sweet corn.

This last week I pushed in just shy of 1000 feet of sweet corn, Bodacious type as well as about 200 feet of  mixed winter squash and about 230 feet of watermelon (Charleston Grey, Jubillee rattlesnake type, Moon-N-Stars, and Black Diamond).

I tell you, it can be tough at times. My back gets sore and my worries weigh me down but the open sky, bird songs and the gorgeous mountains which surround our lovely little farm soothe my spirit.

Only a few days of spring left, hope you each and all relish them with gusto :)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Spring scramble 30

Busy, busy! Soil prepped for corn seed and first transplantings but waiting now for the irrigation ditch to be filled. Maybe a week, 2 tops from history and rumors of how much work the irrigation district has done.

This is our 30th year! have I mentioned this yet?

Splendid spring to you all!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Strange spring days

What a strange spring we are having! Rain, rain, rain. I'm behind in the nursery work this year. I'd say again but last year I was way ahead of this year's schedule. I'm also staring down the business end of a carburetor rebuild for dad's little Farmall Cub which I have sort of developed a mental block against. And my bro is still trying to find time to get over here to finish bleeding the fuel lines on the Massey Ferguson. Which means all these things cancel out since the ground is too wet to plow much less plant anything in. Weeks of rains still in the forecast too.

I've been reading a lot of other farmer's accounts of this spring so I'm not feeling too bad about where I'm at. Many of us struggling with wet and cold conditions. And I have got a fair number of maters and melons in the nursery, just running a bit late which might not be bad at all if they can't go in until June.

Fielder mountain is gorgeous this morning with vivid green growth and a parade of puffy clouds strolling along with a few storm giants in front of it.

The bluejays, doves, grosbeak, finches and sparrows have been busy at the feeder this morning. I'll have to dump them the last of this bag of seed and pick up another soon. I've got to say if you have fruit trees especially apple or pear which are bothered by coddling moth it really pays to keep feeders in your yard. The birds love coddling moths for a snack. The pear tree in our yard never has any coddling moth holes in the fruit.

Wishing you each and all a splendid spring day.