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Friday, May 19, 2006

Cool weather=happy transplants

The first 370 tomato plants are in the ground! Due to lack of irrigation at the old farm (thanks loads Oregon Watcher Watch, Sierra Club, Patagonia outfitters, ODFW, may you all rot in hell!) we've planted them at farm #2 and they are happily absorbing drip irrigation. The brisk wind is a little hard on them right now but intermittent showers are keeping their spirits up. We anticipate about 4 more plantings of tomatoes if all goes well.

The sky is a rumpled panorama of grey, ghostly blue and white. Showers blow through about every 20 minutes but dad and I pressed on with our planting despite the gusts of grit and cold bluster. We have automated quite a bit of the process so I get to laugh at farmers who are still trapped using illegal aliens to do their work.

After lunch I'll be hooking up another 9 rows of drip tape while dad finishes prep on the next field for corn planting.

Right now I'm going out to water my 7200+ melon plants and mourn the loss of lettuce to evil deer.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and vigorous day of freedom on this good green Earth.


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