Sunday, March 27, 2011

rain delay

Starting to burn our way into our spring planting dates as the rain continues to sludgify every open soil surface. The brief periods of dry coming up in the forecast won't help much either but I'll sure take every hour of open sky I can get.

Nonetheless, it's a beautiful winter day in early spring.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Winter working

It's a rainy day but the work goes on in our big greenhouse. We've spent the last couple days cleaning it out after last year's tomatoes & a brief stint of chickens. Dad tilled and fertilized a bed for our first lettuce and cole crops while I was hauling out debris. We'll probably start planting later today.

Dad's heading into the doctor's shortly to (maybe) get his chemo if his blood tests from yesterday came out ok.

Mt. Fielder is putting on a lovely show of fog and trees this morning while Sparky and I enjoy our morning tea time.

Hoping your day is peaceful and lively.