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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another good day

Despite the gray.

It was cloudy after a short bit of sun for our morning walk. Dad and I got started on some more clean-up. I ran the bush-hog and dad rolled drip tubing. I felt much, much better once I started working. My fears and worries receded into the necessity of good, honest work.

Some folks who were in service with mom and dad at Rancho Cucamonga in L.A. stopped by to visit. Delbert and Lilian Unruh from Scio. Sweet, sweet people. They brought us a giant cinnamon roll from Heaven On Earth bakery near Glendale. Wow! was it good, we decided that pretty much ruined our dinner. So we're gonna just pick and piece supper tonight.

Tomorrow dad goes in for his second chemo. So far he still feels really good so despite the reality a tiny grain of hope keeps surfacing. We'll see how he feels after this next round. One thing is sure, he's got a lot of prayers coming his way. Thank god for such wonderful people. It doesn't resolve the issues facing us but it does give comfort in the face of tough times.


  • I remember when I found out about my mom being sick, all I could do was knit hats and work all day. I just had to keep my mind preoccupied, and boy does it help. Glad to hear he is still feeling good!

    By Blogger the knitrider, at 8:13 PM  

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