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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday whew!

Strangely tiring day. Emotionally stressful. Not really sure why.

Had visitors from Scio this afternoon. Tom Hamlin and his wife. Nice people.

Got some of Travis' good dry madrone burning in the stove. A little comfort goes a long ways towards soothing the aches of the day.

Didn't get much done today. Some research, a little clean-up. Had a great 40 minute long conversation with my brother. Dang! If only I'd realized sooner that he's great to talk to.

I'm just sort of achy and sore. 42 years starting to remind me.

Kyle is coming over to help around the farm a bit tomorrow. A chance at a little impromptu education. Fortunately there's plenty of work for him to learn from. If I'm really lucky Travis might show up too and then we could split into teams of 2 and really get some stuff done.

Praying you all a wonderful day and a healing night.


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