Savage Farming

Thursday, February 05, 2009

lovely day, no rain

Just got through speaking with my friend Del. Trying to figure out when we can arrange breakfast again. Kinda hard to guess with my disarrayed schedule.

Mom and dad are running late from their chemo infusion appointment. Mom left me a message that they had to see a doctor (probably about the new port-a-catheter) and give blood so they didn't get started with the infusion before 3:15.

Heading back out now to move the tractor and clean-up a little more. Dad and I spent a good chunk of the morning pulling up plastic in the field where we plan to plant early tomatoes in a greenhouse before spring. Dad got a little breathless, but that was probably from just being out of shape not anemia from his chemo just yet.

The sun is poking through clouds and lighting our big oak tree with patches of gray, white and green.

Praying you all a day of peace and happiness.


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