Savage Farming

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rainbow Sunday

A lovely rainbow just appeared over our vineyard. The shower is gone now but the beauty of it lingers in my mind.

Been struggling a little with my peace of mind this morning. Questions and confidence hover in a willful suspension of comforting platitude. Realities cold hand prods me with eventualities I seek to avoid and obligations I have postponed for too long. Conflicts of immediate interest and planning tumble over my natural lassitude and dedication to other pursuits of mind and purpose. A short night of sleep probably doesn't help either.

We lost Uncle Dennis yesterday. My prayers are going out to comfort Aunt Bonnie and her family. I suppose I should be more focused on that and less on my mental drama.

My cousin Phil and family will be stopping by later today for a visit. Wish they didn't have to drive so far. Bad enough they had to fly from Mississippi to Spokane but that's a long haul to make from there to here and back again in a few days.

Hope all of you find the day peaceful and fulfilling.


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