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Monday, February 09, 2009

Sunny Monday

Still lots of clouds and a little frost around but the sun is definitely making an impression.

Dad and the uncles went off to see our old homestead at 222 Ewe Creek Rd. The A-frame my father built. Mom was busy making lunch and I just didn't have the courage to go see the place where I grew up. Plus I've got a number of my own chores to look after.

It's been real neat hanging around with the uncles. I'm hoping that the sun will stay out and that before they leave we can blow up our air-inflated greenhouse. It's just such a fun structure which I think they'd find lots of potential use for.

Anyways, gonna go do some of those chores I was bragging about.

Y'all have a fine and felicitous day.


  • Hey Guy! I'm back at it, and was just "catching up" on what's been happening with you. Sorry to read about your Dad, and you have my prayers with that. I have just read your comment from DECEMBER on my last post! And that was just after I had blogged on my happenings TODAY in my garden. LOL. I appreciate very much what you had to say, and it will motivate on my bad days! Thanks so much, and keep in touch.

    By Blogger Don, at 4:34 PM  

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