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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Work day vacillation

Pretty good work day, got started late because everything was frozen outside. Dad transplanted tomatoes into pony-packs while it was cold. Looks like he'll have three 72 packs finished shortly. A good start to the tomato season, if all goes well we'll be picking by July 1.

Rolled wire next, finishing that job in last year's late tomato field. Still about 14 three hundred foot rows to go (by 12 wires per row) many miles of wire actually.

Then we came in to hook up a harrow to rip our early tomato field. But the tractor wouldn't start. Dad's heart just sank, and it wasn't great for mine either. We spent a half hour running it down to the fuel pump. $1200 or so to fix that. Before we gave up, we checked one last time to make sure the fuel wasn't leaving the pump by removing the out line. As we cranked it, a bunch of air escaped the pump and suddenly the engine started! Hoorah!

Now dad is out ripping the early garden (cukes, squash and other stuff too will go there) so we can 'til it tomorrow.

A good day, all in all. Hope you all have one as fine or better.


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