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Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm still a slacker

Was hoping to start getting an early start but it's cold and frozen out there and nothing is really pressing today. So I'm nerding out on the computer. Thanks to Rae Ann I tried Facebook this week and it is really wasting my time! but I love getting in contact with old friends.

Today's work will be pruning and spraying the peach trees, pruning apples, more clean-up probably saw up some scrap wood for the woodstove. We might get really lucky and blow up the air inflated greenhouse. If so I'll put up a pic of that, it's so cool. Never the same in photos but I can't resist trying to capture it.

Gotta go try and baby-step my way closer to actually being a man and doing my work.

There's a world of wonder around us always ready to dazzle and amaze. Let the good things come to you.


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