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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strange Thursday noon

Well, it's almost noon. Feels strange, maybe because I'm home alone. Or it could be the Easy Listening music too. {*} There, switched it to smooth jazz. "September" is playing.

It was a short night last night, went to sleep late and got up early.

Had a great breakfast at Powderhorn Cafe with Del this morning. Biscuits and gravy! And of course more encouraging conversation. Keeping my eyes open for a higher power.

Nephew Travis dropped off some firewood a little while ago. Had a couple chuckles with him. Mom and dad left for dad's infusion around then and Travis took off too. So my chores are doing the dishes and stacking some firewood. I suppose I should feel lonely but I really don't.

Momentarily suspended on the software/webpage design front. Gotta make a visit before the next move manifests but I'm having trouble arranging a break in the action around here.

No rain but no sun either here today. Kinda gray but still lovely.

Everybody have some happiness! Despite it all...


  • Hey Guy! I finally read your comment on my "final" blog entry after my dismal year. Thank you for the encouraging words! I have decided to jump back in again this year, and have renewed my blogging attempts as well, so check in with me from time to time. Sorry to read about your Dad too. And as far as searching for "the higher power", just know it's there! Sometimes (most times) in places where we don't expect it to be, and most times not noticed until some time later as we look back on things. In the meantime, happy searching, happy farming, and happy days to you and yours.

    By Blogger Don, at 12:26 PM  

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