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Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday showers

Just got back from a quick jaunt down the road with mom, dad and Sparky. Big raindrops started splattering down right at the end.

Dad and I broke out the seed boxes and started sorting for type and age. Had a real score when we found a box from last year with 1000 big beef tomato seeds, eclipse zucchini, lemon and slicing cucumbers. Another small box had all the watermelon seed and we also have most all the cantaloupe type seeds we need. We've still got to spend about 300$ on corn and a little more on a few other assorted things. Still we saved a bunch buying all that other stuff last year. Unforeseen foresight. Little things like that can really improve a guy's mood.

Looks like I need to fill mom's bird feeder. Maybe I can find a hole in the showers.

Hope your day brings you luck and joy.


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