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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Somewhere in this world is a lady who I could love and share my life with. For some reason we haven't met yet and we might not ever. But I will still take this opportunity to tell her I love her and to have a happy Valentine's Day. Sorry I don't know where to send the card. Be well, lovey.

Tough night last night, bad dreams and only 6 hours of sleep. Stress from the last couple weeks catching up with me. Funny how well I slept in the RV when we were in Portland. But I was using sleep aids and exhaustion then.

Hoping to have a good day of work ahead today. Maybe if I get physically tired enough I will sleep well.

Mom said that dad had a rough night too, weird dreams etc. probably a lot like mine.

Sorry to be such a downer, will wish you all a fine day and hope to write later when I'm feeling better.


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