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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good day after all

Didn't get a lot done today but did get to see the nieces, Charley and Randie. They brought hand-made Valentine's gifts from Charley's daughters for me and "Grandma & Grandpa chicken". Cute little luv-bugs made from pixie-sticks, craft paper and pipe cleaners.

Kyle worked out great today. We didn't have a lot for him to do but we got a lot of wires untied and rolled up. For those who don't know, I do some website design for Kyle's mom and I went to school with his dad, Mark.

Dad and I spent a lot of the day talking while we rolled wire, hashing out stuff. I'm massively overwhelmed by the threat of having to run this farm by my self but mom and dad both keep reminding me to have faith and know that the lord won't ask more of me than I can do. It was easy to have faith last year, or at least confident purpose. Now it isn't such a simple thing. It isn't just doing the work, it's all the details and drive and purpose that dad provides which I have inner doubts about me being able to do.

Thank god dad is still feeling well. We'll take every day we can with deep gratitude and a flowing love for life. What else can we do?

Y'all have a good evening, a refreshing night, and sweet dreams.


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