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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good night's rest

Gratitude for a good night's sleep was the first thing on my mind this morning. It is absolutely amazing what that does for the body and mind.

I was out at Mark and Tracy's until about 10 last night. Wish I could say it was all work but we talked for a long time. I am so lucky to have such good friends. We also did make some good progress on Tracy's website. Go here: Chicy Hair-Ums pet Jewelry to check it out, especially if you forgot to get something for your girlfriend's cat or dog on Valentine's day ;-)

We're all enjoying the beginning of a lazy day of rest here. The weather looks right for a burn day in Jackson county but when I mentioned it mom said "No! we're having a lazy day today." And no one disagreed.

Sparky is asleep on his little bed under his heat lamp. His nose is twitching just a bit. Some dream of sniffing out cats or squirrels probably.

We've decided to set our alarms tomorrow morning and start on our early farming schedule. So many things to do, every hour earlier we start is less crush come the May 15th start of transplanting, not to mention the April 15th corn planting date.

The sun is out and a cloud shadow is blowing across the lower ridge of Fielder Mountain. Just a lovely, lovely day.

Peace and happiness to you all.


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  • That Picture of the mountain is really amazing. What a way to start out a day. I think you are getting prepared for farming at a full swing. Good luck for this season, I wish your farm yields high crop productivity this year. Good luck.

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