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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hot Hot, Busy Busy

Spent this morning and early noon time working with dad and bro at our friend Terry Spencer's house putting down some turf. Terry's dad and son-in-law were there too and we had a fine time laughing and working. But bro set the pace so we worked pretty hard and fast. The lawn looked super when we finished but we were about 200 square feet short so we didn't quite get the total gratification of a job well done but we did do a job well. Terry was going to get some more rolls of turf to finish with when we left for home. With such a little bit to do he didn't need our help to do the last bit. It was a nice break from farming although the melons and the weeds in the corn weighed heavy on my mind all morning.

Tomorrow we will be spraying, fertilizing and prepping the last fields for corn and flowers. Zinnias mostly. And of course some more weeding in the early corn fields. Whew! This heat always reduces my enthusiasm for this line of work but the first taste of melon always restores it. Only three weeks (about) until we start picking corn! Now that is a big source of enthusiasm.

Hoping your day is fine and free.


  • You wear me out just reading about how much work it is to farm! lol

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 9:31 AM  

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