Savage Farming

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Feeling 'umbled

Here's an aerial pic of our 2nd farming location. I put the letters SCF (for Savage Creek Farms, the name of our little operation by-the-way) in the middle of our top field so you could find the place. There is a slightly dark long oblong next door which is actually our third location, although it is so adjacent we just lump them together. This pic was taken early June which is why everything is brown and tan instead of dark green like it is now. Our selling room is the tiny white square above and to the right of the SCF logo. The blue stripe across the lower middle is the wild Rogue River.

The reason I'm feeling humbled is that the place seems so big when I have to walk across it from corner to corner in the heat of the day but looks so tiny in these images.


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