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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Irrigation aggravation

The stupid neighbor woman from the bottom of the hill just came up to clean the filter on her intake. Dumb woman! the filter was clean this morning when I walked the ditch and all she succeeded in doing was dumping about a ton of muck and debris into my pump and irrigation system. The reason she has problems with her irrigation is 1) her system is really old, 20+ years and 2) they leave it open all winter long for frogs and insects to nest in and for leaves and other debris to clog. So instead of solving her own problems right off the bat early in the year she'll just play at fixing it all year long and cause me a world of headache twice a week. Dumb woman!

And to add insult to injury she trespasses and blocks my driveway. Some people are just alive because it's illegal to kill 'em. You'd think she was stupid enough to remove herself from the gene pool, but apparently luck is inheritable.

To spite my frustrations I'll wish you a lovely day.


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