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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cool Weather, no blog

The last couple days have been about 82 degrees so we have been scrambling to do just as much as possible while we can leverage the coolness. Might actually almost catch up on the weeding. Pretty much all we did today was weed control except for some work on the big filter for the drip tape.

Watermelon have reached football size, corn is beginning to silk and the third field is beginning to tassle. We planted the last planting of corn yesterday, Finally! Hoorah! The only thing left now is the last planting of zinnias and maybe transplant some zinnia plants I have leftover to the ends of some corn rows for decoration. Will try hard to start getting a few pics up, alhtough I'm not highly motivated because the weeds make stuff so ugly. But all my neighbors and passerbys keep telling me how great it looks, so maybe it's just me.

Gotta go out tonight and spray for beetles on the pumpkins, I think. Either that or the last planting of cantaloupe and watermelon.

Hope life is treating you to popsicles and butterflies.


  • You know, I added you to my favourites a few months ago. Everytime I check, I'm glad I did.
    This is a cool blog & You sure are sweet.
    And there's no need really (unless you want) to put up pics because I got a pretty good image in my head just from what you wrote.
    You touched on a familiar spot with your neighbors telling you one thing and you seeing another.

    Plus I have the crappiest garden in the world. With a raised box of overcrowded sunflowers. ( I just sprinkled an old dried up sunflower from last year in some adobe and potting soil )Also some summer squash I sometimes forget to water. And that's it. So when I visit your garden, so to speak, I get a little vicarious green thumb action :0)

    By Blogger changapeluda, at 11:17 AM  

  • Glad you like it, Changa. I can call you Changa, I hope?

    A crappy garden is a good place to start. Visit with your sunflowers and they will help you find your way to the true spirit of gardening. You've already been pulled into the cycle of the seasons by using seeds from last year. Watering squash is a good exercise in discipline. Plus squash teach us about the price of our pleasures with their scratchy little thorns. Oooh! how I itch when I've been picking squash!

    Have a great day and keep on bloggin'.

    By Blogger The Guy, at 6:49 PM  

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