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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot and gettin' hotter

It is the humidity which really gets me especially in the corn fields. Our ditch is dry right now because the people upstream get to water on these days and they can't understand that a lawn can't use 14 inches of water no matter how hot it gets. I understand that they have a right to the water, but I can't help but experience a little bitterness (literally, many of my vegetables become bitter when not watered frequently) about the wasteful manner in which they use it. Sprinklers can be seen sitting in the same location for several days in a row or people like the Byers can have leaky, inefficient irrigation systems which spill much water across the grounds around their property. There are a number of wealthy land owners who are exemplified by the people at 6440 who have 40 sprinklers in their lawn.

Ok, whoops, super irony time. Dad just stuck his head in the door and said the ditch has water back in it, 40 sprinkler dude must have shut his off. Gotta go!

Have a super awesome day while I water my melons (even if you're Q...)


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