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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunny Sunday

Got out of the fields about 2:30 today. Was 92 then, reached 97 about 4pm, thank goodness we were done. Sunday is a half day this time of year. There's still sprinklers running at farm #2, imagine those rainbows going round and around for hours under the blazing sky. Will drive back over and shut those off in a couple of hours. There is (miraculously ...) still a little water in the ditch up here on the hillside farm. I'm letting it gravity feed into our drip irrigation system; five rows of squash, cukes and tomatoes.

Our pumpkin field is the most exciting thing at the moment, probably the fastest growing field of pumpkins we've ever had. And huge too. The Witch-Kissed pumpkins (trademark and copyright Savage Creek Farms 2006) have made it back for a second year, looks like they'll breed true. They have an upright habit, not vining like most pumpkins and they become huge plants before finally falling over from the weight of their own fruit. This year a few of them have vined out though so we'll see what they crossed with last year and maybe have an even better variety. So long as they are all warty, ugly and cool looking like they were last year I don't much care how they grow. Maybe the rind will mellow out too, not be all rock hard for easier carving. That is a big part of the fun of my farming, getting to discover new things.

Wishing you a day of fun and excitement.


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    By Blogger QUASAR9, at 1:41 AM  

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    By Blogger QUASAR9, at 1:47 AM  

  • Some pictures of the pumpkins and field would be great! I've got some 'volunteer' tomatoes growing from last year's patch that appear to be a cross between romas and beefsteak. I had left some tomatoes on the ground in the fall and the seeds must have survived winter. They are bigger and longer than typical romas. It has been blazing hot here too.

    funny word ver. = mrszufb

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 9:05 AM  

  • Quasar- Most everything you post to Lubos' website is automatically an insult to our intelligence. You're totally entitled to your opinion but if you expect me to respect it, think a little bit deeper about what you're going to post. The expanding state of "Yisrael" indeed. That whole thing was just stupid, like many of the things we have the misfortune of reading from you.

    Rae Ann- cool tomato hybrid experiment. If there isn't anything else for them to cross with you might keep seeds on purpose this year and establish your own variety. I'll have some pumpkin pics up when they start to flower. We've got 109 coming this weekend. I'll be swimming in the Rogue River which is fed by snow melt from Crater Lake.

    By Blogger The Guy, at 3:43 PM  

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