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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another hot, frustrating day.

Got the zinnias planted yesterday so that makes it ok though. Two small sprinklers are running on them right now.

This morning things got off to a great start here at the old farm, lots of water running, 3 mama wild turkeys with their 5 chicks clucking under the biggest apple tree in our orchard. The chicks are too big to be threatened by the cats and they can fly real good but I still keep an eye on Sparky so he doesn't disturb them anymore than possible.

Frustration started when I got to farm #2. Got the water running there good but then when I went to remove sprinkler heads from one line of handline to convert over to the "big gun" sprinkler I had a heck of a time getting the sprinklers out or the plugs back in. Dang if I wasn't trying to change over the line my brother had been using, which has never had the heads removed before. So before I ruined anything else I gave up the job for later. By that time the gasket on our new silt filter had blown out. So I had to disassemble that and accidentally tore the filter big while I was doing so. Found out the fertilizer I put in there had plugged the secondary spin filters which caused the pressure to build up and blow the gasket. Arg! from here on out I'll put the fertilizer in a sock so that it doesn't float loose and get into the secondary filters.

It was getting plenty hot by then, about 90 in the field so I came back to the old farm and moved water and did some other chores here. 95 degrees by the time I got in. So I indulged myself with about an hour nap after which my sister showed up to borrow the tractor so they could mow their pasture and boarders. Glad we got all the planting done so they could reduce some fire danger without crossing purposes.

Just got through eating some of mom's delicious homemade pizza and a beer (gasp! yes I do occasionally have a beer, but almost never two; I know my limit!) and will go shut off water at farm #2 shortly, when I'm legal. 16 ounces of beer= 1 hour until I can drive.

Hope you are all having a lovely day with lots of freedoms and entertaining pursuits.


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