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Monday, June 12, 2006

Dodging Lightning

Riding on the back of the seeder again today I suddenly noticed some tiny drops of rain falling all about me. Look up and behold a dark and fulsome sky. Several clouds hanging in pointed retinue, hinting at spiral forces we seldom see in this part of the world. The thunder finally began to overcome the loud noises of the tractor. Dad and I finished the fifth of ten rows we had hoped to put in and beat a hasty retreat as the first flashes became visible. We covered the seeder and hopped into the car as the rain shower began in earnest. The drive back to farm #1 was a travel into increasing storminess.

Tomorrow will be weed control first off and then back to planting. Hopefully we can get the sunflower and gladiolus in too but I'm learning to restrain my expectations. Dad is busy this instant planting tomato seeds for our last late planting.

I had one particularly weird dream last night, I dreamt I was traveling from corridor to corridor through peoples houses. I'm given to think this was a dream reflection of my experiences with blogging. I'm getting around 20 visitors a day, some random some not and those minds reflect upon and connect upon the doings and not-doings of my daily journeys.

May you all find a tiny gem of wonder hiding in an obvious but overlooked place.


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