Savage Farming

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Farming Savagery

Swinging blades of steel dripped flesh and gore as the wind howled up streamers of dust.

Plant flesh and green gore but destruction is destruction, especially when I am savaging the horrid horde of weeds which assail my corn plants. Occasionally my blade will slip on a rock and slice through an innocent corn plant; collateral damage but without the price of a few unjustly spent lives I would lose the whole crop.

Along the fence I have deployed weapons of mass destruction to wipe away the horde which so offends my senses. Already their heads droop as the chemicals eat away at their inner functions.

The chosen ones are protected by my vigilance and poly-mulch. The first planting of melons has begun to burdgeon and clumps of new growth swell the field. Soon tendrils will quest for open space and spread their grasping feelers towards new domains beyond even the safe region of polymulch. Tomatoes have started to flower and I feel an imminence which drives me towards new efforts: I must soon stake these tomatoes or risk their collapse. Sprawled tomatoes produce poorly.

Meanwhile, I hear the rustling of customers in the back of my mind. Every time I go to town I run into someone who asks "how's the corn doing?" or "when will the tomatoes be ready?"

Wishing you a fine day and riches of time and attention.


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