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Friday, June 09, 2006

Halloween initialization

Phase one of Halloween has been completed. Jack-O-Lanterns, Howden's Howdens, Big Maxs, Ghost Riders, Half-Moons, and Savage Creek Farm's Witch-Kissed pumpkins are already absorbing water in the dark, rich, heavy soil on the south side of the Rogue River valley. Planted by the proper phase of the moon with Jupiter's powerful influence in full affect these pumpkins will be especially effective in warding off the undead, unliving spirits and alien influences ;-)

We've also got a dandy crop of winter squash in, which will assure one a fitting survival of the grueling darkness that follows in the months after All-Hallow's Eve.

Tomorrow will hopefully see a cap put on our primary planting season when I put in the lemon and marketmore cucumbers. All that will be left then will be flowers and repeat plantings.

Now I go to rest, wishing you again a delightful moment of unfettered awareness and vigorous thoughts of happiness.


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