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Friday, June 09, 2006

Farming, dinner and dreams

Struggling through another gritty day. About to go out and finally plant pumpkins and winter squash. Just had a delightful dinner thanks to my mother being such a fine cook. Chicken, fried sweet potato and pears with cottage cheese. Healthy and delicious.

Had an interesting dream night before last, wanted to impart it before I forgot. 2 dreams actually both involving mobile homes. The first concerned a family of nice white folks somewhere in Conneticut or Pennsylvania who were struggling to evacuate their mobile home before the oncoming flood. They were cooking taffy on the kitchen stove right up until the last minute. I think the water receded just before it came through their floor but I can't be sure. The other dream was about an old classmate I haven't thought of in years, Charles Barnhart. He was working on some sophisticated drawings which I thought were farming equipment but in retrospect more closely resembled the innards of a electrical power meter. He kept arguing with me that a furrow opener would not go onto it, so that is probably what it was. He was living in a nice mobile home with rich hardwood paneling. It was well lit, lots of windows and smelled like coffee.

Gotta go make pumpkins happen, hope life is treating you well.


  • What interesting dreams! And the dinner sounds good too. Makes me feel guilty for not cooking though. Last night I had a beach dream, but it wasn't nearly as pleasant as you'd think. Lots of searching for various people who'd wandered away.

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 7:30 PM  

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