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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

All's well 'tween earth and sky

Dad and I just got through putting in another acre of melons. 9 types of cantaloupe and 7 types of watermelon. Oh I just can't wait. Gotta run back out when it cools down a bit and put in one more row of mixed specialty melons: casaba, crenshaw, some asians and a few more european melons if I can find the dang seed.

The sky has been criss-crossed with lovely clouds as the day drifted by. Unfortunately that didn't really keep things cool. Warm soil helps those delightful little melon seeds to quicken and raise up their nodding heads.

Dreamt about a big earthquake last night. Dreamt it split the face off the mountain across from our second farm. Hmmm... ominous. Was really cool being able to see inside the mountain though. That's the sort of thing I love about dreams.

Popsicles, oh you save me! I dread and cherish the upcoming heat of summer. My craving for melons have taken on torturous proportions.

Mom gets back from Kansas tonight around 8:30. Sparky will be sooooo happy he'll just about burst.

Wishing you a sweet dream of freedom and a fine day of rewarding efforts.


  • Glad things are well there! Speaking of indulgences, I'm on my way to that in a little while. It's been a hard week even though it's only Tuesday. lol

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 6:25 PM  

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