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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunny winter day

Clouds blew off around 12. Been quite lovely since. Made a run down to spray copper ammoniate on the nectarine and peach trees. Lots of lovely bird action right now, had a red breasted nuthatch show up at the bird feeder (suet) around lunch time, only the second time we've seen one of those.

All the plants are showing their signs of recognizing that the days are getting longer. Already I can sense the upcoming stresses that will evolve into our first bursts of activity for this year's crop. Specifically, with the good weather, tomorrow. It's Monday after all.

So dad will be working at bro's on some final winter projects and I'll be pruning, cleaning up and doing operational maintenance on equipment here. Gotta have all the spray rigs, blower fans, etc. operating.

Uh-oh, Sparky's barking at something. Gotta go.


  • Thanks for the post I didn't know it was time to spray and my nectarines will need it.

    By Blogger RogueandPoet, at 11:03 PM  

  • Hi R.A.P.,
    Hope you come back and read this.
    The best thing I've found to use this time of year is Cop-R-Spray from (I think) Lily-Miller. I get mine at the Grange Co-op. Also don't forget spray-oil and spreader sticker, although they aren't nearly as important they help.

    If you have apple or pear trees the copper ammoniate formulation in Cop-R-Spray is very useful as it actually is affective against Fire-Blight, a real serious problem in this area.

    By Blogger The Guy, at 8:30 AM  

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