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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday work, Sunday leisure

Slept in until 6:31 today. A helicopter woke me with it's percussive announcement. "Thwopping" its way to a crescendo as I blearily eyed it from the door of my barn.

Dad went to retrieve the tractor from Bro's house. I did the dishes for mom so her back wouldn't hurt her today, helped her unload the groceries when she got home.

Went to give dad a ride to his truck at Bro's next. Checked out the bridge moving operation on my way by. People scrambling like a shoveled up ant-hill. Sign says the bridge will be closed from Sept. 12-16 which means 4-5 days of very slow business for us. Right at the peak of harvest and no way the DOT will ever make it up to me. Once more progress grinds the little Guy beneath its wheel.

Enough self-pity. It might not be such a bad slow-down and I'm sure I'll take advantage of the moderation.

When I got back I picked a case of mixed cukes (lemons, picklers and slicers) and another of summer squash. Not a lot of zucchini but the yellow crookneck was super.
Had lunch and took a nap to help fight off an incipient head cold. The several antihistamines I had taken weren't doing much but making me drowsy but I'm feeling much better now.

After my nap I climbed to picking apples. Harvest bucket slung across one shoulder, perched upon a precarious orchard latter I stretched out my arm and fetched down a golden bounty of yellow delicious apples. The late summer sun shown into my eyes, dazzling me with a rich orangish light, probably altered by the small amount smoke remaining in the air due to recent wildfires. I found a subtle peace permeating my mind as I worked in silence. 3 over-large cases (30+ pounds each) rapidly accumulated at the bottom of my latter. In a bit I'll go out and attempt the same with Italian prunes. Probably won't go as fast but should be at least as pleasant.

Hoping your day is full of rich, vibrant light.


  • I admire your ability to overcome the stresses of life. Surely your work with the earth and its bounty keeps you well grounded. Unfortunately, I've let what little I was growing wither on the vine, so to speak. Be well!

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 9:47 AM  

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