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Thursday, September 14, 2006

So Slooooow Thursday

The new bridge is being moved into place sometimes this week and so the nearby freeway access has been cut off for a few days. Our business is suffering by about 40% until that clears up. A nasty bit of loss and no idea when the DOT will finally get the whole thing done. Personally I think the delays are to heighten tension for the film crew from Discovery Channel. This is the largest bridge ever moved into place like this so one of the DC's shows was supposed to be here for it, I think the one called "Big Movers" or something.

The pumpkins are finally turning orange! I'm totally jazzed with the upcoming fall season we have some of the best pumpkins and winter/baking squash ever. Many pumpkins are larger than 5 gallon buckets and probably in excess of 50 pounds. Also some of the freaky new varieties I've been breeding are looking super cool.

Hope life is giving you plenty to laugh at.


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