Savage Farming

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The plight of the farmer

A lawyer was going fishing one day and he needed some worms. So he turned into a farmer's place and asked the old fella if he could help him out.

The farmer told him to come back in a couple of hours and he'd have some worms for him.

The lawyer returned a couple of hours later and found the farmer out back of his barn with a shovel and a can of worms, still digging.

The lawyer asked the farmer how much he owed him.

"Well, at first I looked in back of the chicken pen and I could only find a few there. Then I looked in the lawn and there were only a few there too. I dug near that old apple tree and found a few and down past last years turnip patch there was a couple more. Finally found a good couple dozen hear near the cowshed."

By this time the lawyer was thinking "Oh man, I'm gonna have to pay him an arm and a leg just for a couple of worms"

"I tell you what, I was goin' fishin' myself later" the farmer said after taking off his hat and mopping his forehead "If you split 'em with me I'll call it even."


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