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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Slow, strange Tuesday

Dad had a little trouble with keeping down his blood pressure this morning. Started getting a little light headed when he was setting the rack this morning so he went back home and his bp was 180/105 which is whicked high. Took an extra half of bp pill and laid down for a while. His bp finally came down around 1pm after another nap. Turns out he'd been eating quite a bit of salt the last couple days as we were living off quick and easy foods while we crunched down under the work load.

So that was an odd and worrisome start to the day. Business was dreadful slow today, which was kinda ok with me. I read quite a bit of David Brin's "Sundiver" while waiting between customers. If you like sci-fi but haven't read any Brin, do yourself a super favor. His "uplift" series is a most brain-delicious piece of mind candy. Hmmm... mindcandy, that reminds me of a couple of links I need to add. Anyone ever try Zonerings? That is a very cool bit of mathematical graphics software.

Anyhow, only 17 days left until the equinox or so. Gotta start laying out a few designs of purpose to prepare for the Halloween season before that rolls around. Too late to do anymore designer pumpkins but still have lots of other chores to get out of the way.

Sending you peaceful nights of vibrant slumber and vigorous days of tranquil activity.


  • I hope your dad is okay. My dad also has high blood pressure and has to watch it carefully. Thanks for the graphics link! A new toy! lol

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 6:22 AM  

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