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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Enjoyably busy Sunday

After a hearty homemade breakfast I lazed around for most of the morning. Watched the movie "Fantastic Four" which I had been told by friends and assorted reviewers wasn't very good. My respect for those opinions has been seriously damaged because it was a freakin' great movie. Terribly similar in style to the original comic books, with some great special effects.

Then I installed a dvd burner in the computer that my good friend Del gave me. Everything went smoothly in that operation and I've already backed up many gigabytes of my important files.

Used the afternoon to clean up, prune and study. The weather was unusually fine, in fact we set a record in Medford today, 68 is the new high last record was 67 in 1937. Huh, what do you know they must've had global warming back then too. I'm sure that after the rains we've been having mushrooms will be going nuts. At least for a couple more days until the temperatures start to drop.

Everyone be happy.


  • Many of our high temp records were in the 30s also, but several were broken this summer.

    The hard drive in my old desktop died, and because I'm a lazy idiot I hadn't backed up most of what was on it, except for the Quickbooks which was the most important anyway. I got an enclosure thing for it so I was able to transfer some stuff before it completely gave out. Oh well.

    I had a burst of energy yesterday and cleaned the carpet downstairs. I wish I had those bursts of energy more often. ;-)

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 9:14 AM  

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