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Saturday, October 13, 2007

beneath the sea of fog

It is cold and foggy out there this morning. Supposed to get warm later. We used to go into the mountains to cut firewood and often passed above these thick blankets of fog to look down upon our hidden valleys. Occasionally a hilltop poked out above the fog, looking like some island or wizard's fortress.

Dad is off helping Terry with his landscaping so mom and I will run the stand ourselves today. No biggie, with so little business and so little to harvest we can easily handle a day like this.

Well, gotta go hook up for work. Y'all have a fine day now.


  • I love foggy mornings. Driving the kids to school we have to go over a bridge. The fog rising from the river is so cool!

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 8:06 AM  

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